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We provide consulting for business owners who are considering selling their business. Selling a business is an emotional time for the seller, let us help you plan your exit strategy, and walk you through the selling process.

Investors buy a business based on future cash flows. Traditional financial statements prepared by your CPA don’t tell you, or the buyer, the whole story. We will help you recast your accrual-based financial statements into economic-based cash-flow statements, and assist you in planning an exit strategy, so you can get the most out of the business you worked so hard to build.

Additionally, we provide business broker services on a limited basis. Jerry has been a licensed real estate broker in the state of Nevada since 1979. Certified Business Appraisers are required to render an opinion of value based on non-advocacy, while business brokers are agents. For the business owner, this means that the same firm should not render an opinion of value, and then broker the business, unless that fact is disclosed to all potential buyers!

Our services include traditional business valuation services such as litigation support and due-dilligence in anticipation of mergers and acquisitions.

Jerry F. Golanty, MCBA, BVAL
Master Certified Business Appraiser
Business Valuator Accredited in Litigation
Email: jerrygolanty@bizval.net

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